The Community Chest – New Banknote Charity Collective Sets
Enquiry: 2599 6111
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How to Apply

Important Note

1. The bidder/subscriber must be at least 18 years old or above and can provide his/her Hong Kong Identity Card number as well as a valid Hong Kong address.
2. Applications cannot be changed or withdrawn after application.
3. Bidding: Each person can bid for more than one serial number.
4. Each person can subscribe up to four sets (two sets per charity collection).

Each application form can only bid for one serial number and subscribe up to four sets (two sets per charity collection). You must:

Complete the application form
Settle the total amount in one cheque/cashier’s order/ original bank-in slip (bank transfer)
Enclose a return envelope: self-addressed and stamped

Mail all the items to the Chest's Office (Unit 1805, 18/F, Harcourt House, 39 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong)
(Please mark “New Banknote Charity Collective Sets” on envelope)

If you would like to bid for other serial number(s), you must submit an application form and settle payment for each number.

  • 1. All cheques or cashier orders should be made payable to “The Community Chest of Hong Kong”.
  • 2. Cheque – must be drawn from a Hong Kong dollar bank account in Hong Kong.
  • 3. Banker’s cashier order – must be issued by a bank in Hong Kong.
  • 4. Bank transfer – deposit donation into the Chest’s account at:
Bank of China (Hong Kong)
Hang Seng Bank
You must keep the original bank-in slip, and mail it together with the Application Form to the Chest’s office.

All cheques or banker’s cashier orders sent with the Application Forms will be presented for payment immediately without prior notice. Please ensure that there is sufficient fund in your account.

Application Deadline:


Result Announcement:


Successful Bidder / Subscriber

Will receive “Formal Notification” (with collection details) from Chest according to the notification methods stated on the Application Form on or after 17 November 2020.

Collection Period:

Unsuccessful Bidder / Subscriber

  • Will receive refund cheques payable to the applicants from Chest, using the self-addressed and stamped return envelope enclosed during application.
  • Tentative refund period: