The Community Chest – New Banknote Charity Collective Sets
Enquiry: 2599 6111
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Frequently Asked Questions

a. Who is eligible for bidding/subscription?

You must fulfill the following 3 criteria:

- Aged 18 or above

- With a valid Hong Kong Identity Card

- With a valid Hong Kong address

b. How can I bid/subscribe to the “New Banknote Charity Collective Sets”?

- You must submit your application by mail, in order to bid Supreme Collection ― Complete Set of New Banknote Series (Auspicious Number), or subscribe Supreme Collection ― Complete Set of New Banknote Series.

- You can submit your application either by mail or online , if you wish to subscribe Excellence Collection ― 40-in-1 Uncut HK$50 Banknote Set.

c. How many serial numbers can I bid for?

You can bid for more than one serial number, but one number one bid.

d. How many Banknote Sets can I subscribe to?

Each person can submit subscription applications only once, and each application can subscribe to four banknote sets at most (two sets per charity collection).

e. If I submit my application and settle the payment successfully, does it mean that I can get the “New Banknote Charity Collective Sets”?

No, the allocation of Banknote Sets is not on a “first come, first served” basis. After the end of the application period, The Community Chest will handle the applications as follow:

The banknote set will go to the highest bidder if more than one bid are received. If two or more bids with same amount for a particular number are received, the set will be allocated by a draw to be attended by KPMG.
If there is over subscription for a particular charity set, the set will be allocated by a draw to be attended by KPMG.

f. After the application and payment have been completed, can I change the bidding / subscription items?

No. Applications cannot be changed or withdrawn after application.

Only one subscription application is allowed for each subscriber for either mail or online application. If more than one Application Form is submitted, the first Application Form will be deemed valid, and other duplicated applications made by the subscribers will be cancelled. (This does not apply to bidding applications.)

If you have other questions, please send email to, or contact Chest's office at 2599 6111 during office hours.