The Community Chest - New Banknote Charity Collective Sets
Enquiry: 2599 6111
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Frequently Asked Questions

a. Will I be notified of the allocation result?

Successful bidders/subscribers will receive Formal Notification on or after 10 April 2019, according to the notification methods stated on the Application Form. The list of successful bidders/subscribers will also be posted on the event website on the same date.



b. Will successful bidders/subscribers receive an official donation receipt?
All successful bidders/subscribers will receive an official donation receipt during banknote set collection.
c. If my bidding/subscription is successful, can I cancel the application and ask for refund?
Request for refund is not allowed for successful bids or subscriptions.
If you have other questions, please send email to, or contact Chest's office at 2599 6111.