The Community Chest – New Banknote Charity Collective Sets
Enquiry: 2599 6111
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Frequently Asked Questions

a. How can I collect my Banknote Sets?

Successful bidders/subscribers should present the "Formal Notification” and his/her Hong Kong Identity Card to collect the “New Banknote Charity Collective Sets” in person during the specified period at the Chest Office. Delivery service is not provided.

b. Can I authorize others to collect the Banknote Sets for me?

Successful bidders/subscribers must collect the banknote sets in person at the Chest Office.

c. Can I select or exchange serial number?

Except the bidding sets, all other banknote sets are allocated randomly. Selection or exchange of serial number is not allowed.

If you have other questions, please send email to, or contact Chest's office at 2599 6111 during office hours.